Frenzied Group Fuckfest

Bellina, Jasmine Black, Anna Lovato, Roxy Taggart

This silly porn spoof has titanic titted, newscaster Jasmin, interviewing blonde tiny titted Anna, who is managing a sex shop. Bellina, and Roxy are part of the staff, and soon all four girls, and the two studs present, get down to business, with everyone, doing everyone, for some fabulous, frenzied fucking. Bellina & Roxy wantonly suck the studs, with sluttish demonish hunger, while Jasmin and Anna, kiss and caress each other passionately. Then, Jasmin ferociously slams her voracious cunt, onto one fuckpole, while Roxy gets a beef baton, brutishly pounded into her, in doggie, filling the room, with their moans and wails, of sluttish jubilation. Bellina & Roxy moan ecstatically, as they go for a wild ride in reverse cowgirl, while Jasmine and Anna do each other, before Jasmine gets barbarously plowed, in missionary, moaning and crying out, in salacious exultation. The girls keep rotating, as they fuck, in every possible position, while using vibrators, to please themselves, and each other, moaning and shrieking, with unchained passions. Suffering from penis envy, Jasmin straps on a dildo, and brutishly pounds, her faux prick, into Anna, with a savage fury, that puts the guys to shame, making Anna moan and screech, in rapture, then one stud, decides to fuck Jasmin, while she is still fucking Anna, for a very different sex sandwich. The stud’s finally hose the girls down, raining creamy cum down onto their tits, and into their mouths.


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